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Latest Information: Post-mortem Ebola Guidance

Updated: October 22, 2014

As you may have heard, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Tuesday, September 30 that a patient being treated at a Dallas, Texas, hospital was the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. While all of the patients who have contracted Ebola and been brought to the U.S. for treatment have fully recovered, it's important to be informed and prepared should a death occur. NFDA has resources on its website (guidelines from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) on the post-mortem care of Ebola victims.




OSHA created an Ebola webpage that provides information about the disease and how to protect workers. It includes sections on the disease itself, hazard recognition, medical information, standards for protecting workers, control prevention and additional resources. This page was created for healthcare workers and mortuary and deathcare workers, along with other occupations. It also contains links to the CDC and the NIOSH web pages on Ebola. Click the following link to visit OSHA's Ebola webpage: 

Helpful Hint: You can easily access this page, which will be kept updated as new information becomes available, by typing into your Internet browser's address bar.