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SCAM ALERT: Fake FTC Complaints

Posted: September 6, 2011

On September 1, 2011, a funeral home in Delaware received an e-mail notice that appeared to be from the "Consumer Protection Department" of the Federal Trade Commission. The e-mail had the FTC's logo and was sent from "complaints@" It informed the funeral home that it was the subject of a consumer complaint and instructed it to open a link to view the complaint and contact the FTC as soon as possible.

Suspecting that it may be a scam, the funeral home contacted NFDA. The association contacted the FTC since it is aware that the FTC does not notify businesses of complaints by e-mail. NFDA also knows that consumer complaints against funeral homes originate out of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection and not the non-existent Consumer Protection Department.

Craig Tregillus, the FTC Funeral Rule coordinator, confirmed that it is a scam and that if a funeral home opens the link in the e-mail, it may install malware on their computer. The FTC reports that thousands of businesses have received similar e-mails. The FTC advises that any business that receives such an e-mail should immediately delete it without opening it.

NFDA members that have questions regarding this matter should NFDA General Counsel Scott Gilligan at 513-871-6332.


FTC News Release: FTC Warns Small Businesses: Don't Open Email Falsely Claiming to be From FTC