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CPC Program Renewal Policy

Effective: July 1, 2008, by action of the NFDA Executive Board.


Every Certified Preplanning Consultant (CPC) or Associate CPC pledges to abide by the following commitment included in the CPC Code of Ethics:

“I will continue my professional education in this field.”

To demonstrate ongoing commitment to learning as well as accountability and dedication as a Certified Preplanning Consultant or Associate CPC, the National Funeral Directors Association requires that a CPC or Associate CPC must renew his or her certification every four years.

This may be accomplished by satisfying specific renewal requirements including submission of:

  1. Certification renewal application (including attestation that you have adhered to the NFDA Code of Ethics and met all criteria of the CPC Statement of Use and that you will continue to do so);
  2. Verified summary of participation in a specified number of hours of continuing education and service activities; and
  3. Renewal fee.


Every four years, your CPC renewal date is the last day of the month prior to the month of original
certification. Examples:

Original certification:      May 1, 2005
Renewal deadline:          April 30, 2009

Original certification:      July 15, 2006
Renewal deadline:          June 30, 2010

Original certification:      October 31, 2007
Renewal deadline:          September 30, 2011

Three to four months prior to their renewal date, individuals will receive a reminder notice. If the renewal documents and fee are not received by the renewal date, a final reminder will be sent.


The grace period for submitting renewal requirements is three months from the renewal due date. If NFDA does not receive renewal requirements by the last day of that three-month grace period, the individual’s certification will lapse, and he or she will be required to apply for reinstatement. A nominal reinstatement fee will be assessed in addition to the renewal fee. There may be additional requirements.


Failure to comply with renewal requirements may result in postponed or denied certification renewal until all conditions are met. If a renewing candidate is unable to complete any of the requirements, NFDA must be notified in writing.


Applications for renewal will be reviewed upon receipt by designated NFDA staff. Recommendations for renewal are subject to final approval by the NFDA Executive Board. Upon approval, an updated certificate package will be mailed. Any challenges to renewal decisions must be in writing and directed to the NFDA Executive Board. CPC records are maintained at the NFDA office in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2008

This official CPC certification renewal policy established by the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) supersedes any previously published certification renewal policies or related information regarding renewal by the former National Foundation of Funeral Service, Funeral Service Educational Foundation or Funeral Service Foundation or NFDA and affects all CPCs and Associate CPCs, starting with those certified in March of 1996.


  1. COMPLETE AND SIGN the following renewal documents:
    • APPLICATION (including attestation that you have adhered to the NFDA Code of Ethics and met all criteria of the CPC Statement of Use and that you will continue to do so)
    • SUMMARY of CE and Professional Development Activities
  2. SUBMIT VERIFICATIONS as required.
  3. SUBMIT 4-YEAR RENEWAL FEE of $220, payable to NFDA in U.S. dollars on a U.S. bank.
  4. SEND ITEMS 1-3 to: 
    CPC Renewal Coordinator
    National Funeral Directors Association
    13625 Bishop’s Drive
    Brookfield, WI 53005-6607

Call NFDA at 800-228-6332 with any questions.


  1. APPLICATION for Renewal of Certification
  2. SUMMARY of CE and Professional Development Activities
    On this form, candidates must list:
    • allowable continuing education and
    • allowable service activities
    to meet the renewal requirement of 24 total contact hours over 4 years.
  3. VERIFICATION of CE and Allowable Service Activities
    • Allowable programs and activities follow below. Call NFDA with questions about the suitability of specific educational programs or activities if you are uncertain about them.
    • If you are licensed in a state that does not require continuing education credits, contact NFDA if you have any questions about meeting CPC renewal requirements.

      Verification Examples
      Certificate of attendance and back-up material such as a program brochure, announcement, confirmation on letterhead, etc. OR copy of a school progress report or other approved document verifying satisfactory completion of the course or attendance at the event. Other means to verify completion may be accepted depending on the activity (such as a copy of a published article from its publication source).

      For those who do not need CE for funeral service
      or insurance re-licensure
      You may complete continuing education renewal requirements by attending funeral and/or preplanning related courses or programs offered by local schools and colleges, by employers, by associations, at public seminars, conventions, etc., and through NFDA distance learning professional development programs. Call NFDA with any questions.


  1. Complete a related continuing education program, seminar or workshop through a funeral service association, insurance industry association, convention, conference, meeting, etc.
  2. Complete a related home study program through the National Funeral Directors Association or other approved CE resources.
  3. Complete another program or course through related associations, foundations or regulatory agencies.
  4. Complete a related course at an accredited school, mortuary school, community college, other institution of higher learning or through community adult education programs or APFSP or insurance-approved vendors.
  5. Complete a related company training program or in-house training.


Maximum of 4 “service activity” contact hours per year are allowable toward the requirement. Each activity counts as 2 hours. Examples follow:

  1. Present a related program at a funeral business, school, civic or community club, church, library, hospice, convention, conference, seminar, hospital, clinic, etc.
  2. Write a published article to help consumers and/or peers or other practitioners understand related topics.
  3. Serve on a committee of a funeral service, insurance, or funeral-service affiliated association or organization.
  4. Attend a related professional meeting such as a convention, conference, association meeting, etc.
  5. Membership in local, district, state, regional or national association and regular attendance at these meetings.
  6. Service in a civic organization.

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