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Aruba - Shipping Requirements

These regulations apply for the The Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, however each individual island might have his own regulation.

Requirements for the Transport of Human Remains

  • Embalming by US standard method. Embalming is not specifically required for shipment to the Netherlands and Netherlands Antilles. Embalming is required for shipment to Aruba.
  • Use of a hermetically-sealed casket or Ziegler container. Use of casket air tray as outer shipping container or all wood container. The inside of the coffin should be of metal, the outside coffin should be a regular coffin for transportation.
  • Documents to be presented with apostille for authentication (one with apostille can be sent after repatriation)
  • Certified copy of death certificate
  • Other required documents to accompany the shipment:
    • Out of state transport permit
    • Burial permit
    • Embalmers (non-contraband) affidavit
    • Non-contagious disease letter issued by local health authority
    • Affidavit with full flight itinerary and name of consignee
  • The Dutch embassy or consulate does not have to certify any documents if you meet all the above requirements


Requirements for the Transport of Cremated Remains

No specific requirements are needed, as long the urn, which must be sealed, comes with a a copy of the death certificate.