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Denmark- Shipping Requirements


Transport of Human Remains

1. Coffins, which shall be accompanied by a laissez-passer for a corpse,

2. Issued by a competent authority, may enter or leave Denmark without any clearance formalities.

3. The coffin shall be of a certain standard. It shall be made of a material impenetrable to dampness and it shall contain a liquid-absorbent (such as peat litter or charcoal power). The coffin shall consist of either an outer wooden coffin (thickness not less than 20 mm) or an inner coffin of carefully soldered zinc, or of a single wooden coffin, at least 30 mm thick, and lined with a layer of zinc. If the coffin is transported by plane it shall, furthermore, be accompanied by a certificate of embalming.

4. Before issuing a laissez-passer the Consulate requires the following evidence:

1) Official death certificate.

2) Certificate from a public health officer or other competent authority to the effect that transportation of the corpse presents no risk to public health.

3) Certificate from the undertaker or other competent authority to the effect that all requirements as to the packing of the corpse have been complied with, and that the coffin only contains the corpse of the deceased.

The above certificates shall be appended to the laissez-passer.

The National Board of Health does not object to the use of American style coffins.

Transport of Cremated Remains

1. Urns containing ashes shall be addressed either to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to an undertaker in Denmark, or to the church where the funeral services are to be performed. A death certificate issued by a competent authority and a certificate of cremation shall accompany urns containing ashes. Urns containing ashes shall not be subject to any clearance formalities in Denmark.