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Bahamas - Shipping Requirements


Transport of Human Remains

1. The body must be properly embalmed and must be encased in both a casket and an outside shipping box or tray

2. A funeral home in The Bahamas must be notified prior to shipment

Special attention is drawn to Section 9 of the Coroners Act, Chapter 56 Part III Statute Law of The Bahamas which states:

"When the dead body of any person is brought within any port or place within The Bahamas the coroner of the district where the body may be shall, if necessary, inquire concerning the death of the person in the same manner and with the same powers as if the person had died within the coroner's district, although the death or the cause of death may have occurred beyond the limits of the district or beyond The Bahamas."


A. To satisfy the requirements of Section 9 of the above Act, the Undertaker shipping human remains from the USA to The Bahamas is required to include in the documentation:

1. A death certificate signed by a registered Medical Practitioner

2. A document from the Police in whose area or district the death took place stating that there is no police objection to the body being exported

3. Transit permit as required in the state where shipment is effected

4. Three(3) certified copies of a death certificate and a statement issued by the local Health Authority declaring that death was not due to an infectious disease, and that no epidemic exists at the place of death

5. A notarized statement from the Mortician describing the embalming and stating that the casket contains only the body of the deceased named on the death certificate and burial clothing

6. An Airway Bill

B. In the case of a violent death, the Undertaker produces to the Police a release order signed by the Coroner, or in the case of death due to natural causes, a death certificate signed by a registered Medical Practitioner


1. Once the body arrives to The Bahamas, the receiving Undertaker is to produce the documentation to the Police presumably in Nassau, so that the Coroner may be informed to comply with the requirements of Section 9 of the Coroners Act

2. On production of the documentation, the Commissioner of Police upon being satisfied, will issue a certificate releasing the body to the Undertaker


3. The shipper would normally pay freight charges or a fee can be included in the clearing and handling charges to destination end

4. Fees may vary depending on place of departure. An additional charge is added if human remains have to be shipped to a Family Island

Transport of Cremated Remains

1. In order to ship human remains to The Bahamas in ash form, the remains must be accompanied by a certificate of death and a certification of cremation. These certificates must be available for submission to the Comptroller of Customs either prior to or at the time of arrival of the remains