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Recent OSHA Funeral Home Inspections

Posted: June 5, 2012

According to OSHA, there have been 12 inspections under SIC Code 726, which covers funeral homes and crematories, since March 1, 2013. Nine firms were found to be in compliance; violations were found at three firms. Despite the fact that most of the funeral home that were inspected were found to be in compliance, these statistics show a continued and growing interest in funeral home safety and health and OSHA compliance.

A total of 16 separate citations and penalties were issued against a funeral home, including 4 serious violations and 12 other than serious violations. The total penalty issued was $700, which does not take into consideration the cost of compliance. Information about the nature of the citations and penalties is unavailable because the Washington is a State Plan state and it does not use the same coding system as Federal OSHA.

A citation for a serious violation was issued against another funeral home in Washington; a penalty of $400 was assessed.

A citation was issued to a funeral home in Virginia for an other than serious violation that dealt with the marking of exits. No penalties were issued.

The twelve OSHA inspections were conducted in Puerto Rico, North Carolina, Washington State, Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and California. Three of the inspections were "referral inspections," meaning that another state, local or federal government agency referred an observed and allegedly unsafe safety and health condition to the enforcing OSHA authority. Three were planned inspections, two were accident inspections and three were listed as complaint inspections.

Information about OSHA compliance can be found on the NFDA website. NFDA members may call the NFDA OSHA Hotline, which can provide compliance assistance and advice at no cost.