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NFDA Represents Funeral Service at Mortuary Affairs Conference

Posted: June 22, 2012

Senior Vice President of Advocacy John Fitch represented NFDA and funeral service at the Worldwide Mortuary Affairs Conference, which was hosted at the Joint Mortuary Affairs Center, June 19-21. NFDA was the only organization representing funeral service to participate in this event. The Conference brought together various governmental entities and other organizations that are part of the mortuary affairs community that responds to natural and man-made disasters.

The goal of the Conference was for participants to share the latest information about their respective areas of responsibility and oversight and to provide actionable recommendations to senior government leaders to address capability gaps.

Since the last Worldwide Mortuary Affairs Conference, the mortuary affairs community has continued to make great progress on projects. The group's expertise and input is crucial as policies, doctrine and concepts are updated and revised, and to ensure the development of new capabilities for the joint community. Conferences like this help ensure a strong partnership between the government and the private sector so that if a disaster occurs, the response is organized and effective.

For many years, NFDA has been a relentless advocate for a mass-fatality management plan that integrates federal, state, local and private sector resources to address the critical issue of systematically recovering and identifying those who die as a result of a natural or man-made disaster in a timely, dignified and respectful manner, and returning them to their families. NFDA's efforts have resulted in the Association being recognized as the premier expert on funeral service. Government agencies, the military and others have often turned to NFDA for its expertise when discussing matters related to mass-fatality management.