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Online Learning: Business Management

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1 Conflict Management for Funeral Directors - Successful Interpersonal Communication Practices
This interactive online course helps funeral professionals understand their roles as "caring experts" whose interpersonal expertise can help reduce conflicts with both families and employees. The author uses extensive real-world case studies from funeral service to help you recognize the significance of adopting an emotions-based philosophy in interpersonal relationships. Persuasive skills and basis mediation skills to help reduce and manage conflict in the funeral home are outlined, as well as the characteristics of a healthy organization and preventative steps to help deter conflict-based litigation.
2 Deathcare Marketing: 25 FAQs
This online course discusses and recommends best practices in response to 25 frequently asked marketing questions posed by funeral service business professionals. Topics and challenges covered include ownership, naming, and facility issues, as well as consumer issues, the changing retail environment, sales and profits, branding, advertising, cremation and cemeteries, and the future of funeral service, in an easy to follow Q&A format. Course includes research findings, specific chapter summaries, and funeral business case studies.
3 Learning to Be a Leader
The aim of this online course is to help individuals in the funeral profession come to an understanding of the important role that leadership plays in a professional career. The author examines five major misunderstandings about leadership to help funeral directors understand what leadership is - and isn't. Students will learn how to implement the skills that leaders use to move their lives and organizations into the future. Special attention is paid to applying the principles of leadership to funeral service situations.
4 Marketing a Funeral Home for Long Term Profitability
This online courses introduces marketing concepts in terms that will allow the funeral service practitioner to apply them in managing a death care business, with the goal of long-term profitability. Funeral service marketing is a balance of public relations, advertising, preneed, and civic activities. Development of a strong brand name is presented as the foundation for long-term success in funeral service; from case studies, funeral directors will learn the attributes of leading funeral firms that can help them commit their firms to excellence and maintaining pace with today's consumers.
5 Personnel Management in Funeral Service
This online course is designed to give the funeral professional a renewed awareness of the importance of personnel management in the funeral industry along with the basic skills needed to coordinate, motivate, and manage the staff of a funeral business. The author provides guidelines about how to formulate, implement, and control an effective personnel policy, taking into account generational differences, motivating factors, and the future, and addresses the development of a Manual of Policies and Practices.
6 Profits by Pleasure: Innovative Ways of Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
This online course provides practical, hands-on approaches to funeral home marketing for owners, managers, directors, administrative or funeral assistants, presenting creative and tested techniques that can be implemented immediately to deliver superior customer service. Development of a successful training program, emphasizing understanding personality traits and mentoring new hires, is covered, as well as approaches to create an environment conducive to better interaction with various types of consumers and to inspire customer loyalty.
7 Risk Management: Controlling Liability Risk for Small Businesses
Attorney Michael Daney provides funeral home owners and managers with tools to effectively manage the risk of lawsuits and to minimize the risk of financial exposure from litigation. This presentation includes the proper handling of accidents involving a customer or employee (related reports and training staff to respond to customer accidents) and how to work with insurance carriers in defending claims.
8 What Matters Most: Heart’s Desire in Life and Death
In this online course, funeral directors will explore current societal trends and consumer decision-making about funeral service and other end-of-life matters, and then identify business responses to ensure a successful future in the funeral service business. Topics include the relation of medical, religious, insurance, and funeral service industry business practices on the human experience of dying; the imperative for better communication and coordination amongst these groups; and consumer trends regarding death, dying, funerals, and memorialization experiences.