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Death Notices

The following obituaries are in remembrance of deaths among NFDA-member and non-member funeral directors, as received by NFDA and as also listed in The Director magazine in 2015. Use the Search field below to locate a specific name.


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1 James Anthony “Tony” Weatherspoon
2 Harold R. Ullmer
3 R. Ward Sutton
4 Phillip Myers
5 Charles F. Mealey, Sr.
6 William H. McGrath
7 Tomas C. Martinez
8 Paul T. “Ted” Lucas
9 Garrett Hold Lawrence
10 Thomas M. Hamilton
11 C. Gary Deckhut
12 Richard E. “Gene” Carroll, Sr.
13 Bernard D. “Tony” Anthony
14 Leo C. “Chipper” Basler, Jr.
15 Lavon Bass
16 Thaddeus “Ted” T. Boron
17 William Francis Boyd
18 Charles J. Buelow
19 Charles W. Burrier, Jr.
20 Raymond Butterfield, II
21 Clyde C. Casperson
22 Walter R. Chasen
23 James Enoch Churchman, Jr.
24 Roger Dale Cullipher
25 Bernie A. Dabrowski, Jr.
26 Romeo E. Daigle
27 Eugene H. Drinkwine
28 Robert W. Feeney
29 James H. Fife
30 Warren J. Fitzgerald, Sr.
31 Cecil Alphonso Granberry
32 John J. Greene
33 William “Bill” Greer
34 Marvin Glenn Hannah
35 Ronald “Ron” David Horton
36 Michael Wayne Keesling
37 Beverly A. Kirby
38 Frank Koren
39 Joel W. Klusmann
40 John Scott Lee
41 Robert Roy Lewick
42 Michael P. Macey
43 Lawrence D. Matetzschk
44 Whetsell Evans McDaniel
45 Billy Joe McGuire
46 Clark Mortimore
47 Edward William Murphy
48 John David “Dave” Obel
49 Jim Olsen
50 Robert A. Ortmann
51 James Walter Poland
52 Jacob Carpenter “Jerry” Pence, III
53 Oliver Cromwell “O.C.” Pennington, Jr.
54 David Bruce Reinholdt
55 Robert G. “Bob” Richardson
56 Richard D. Robertson
57 Otto Manning Russell, Jr.
58 Joseph Blaine Schaeffer
59 Frank H. Shortsleeve
60 Richard Eugene “Dick” Sprigg
61 Jarvis W. Stamps
62 John J. Strong, Jr.
63 Robert Earl Taylor
64 Steven Leroy Taylor
65 Donald S. Temrowski
66 Wilbur Conway Thompson, Jr.
67 Billy Wayne Turrentine
68 Ronald G. Van Atta
69 Dorothy L. Ward
70 Gordon Weil, Jr.
71 Donald L. Winans