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FAMIC Unveils New Have the Talk of a Lifetime Workbook

Posted: July 21, 2014

NFDA is proud to support the Funeral and Memorial Information Council's (FAMIC) national consumer education campaign, Have the Talk of a Lifetime, and encourages you to get involved. This campaign will help consumers understand that every life is special and worthy of remembering with a meaningful funeral or memorial service. With your help, the campaign will be successful and we will begin to change consumer attitudes toward memorialization. FAMIC recently unveiled a new 14-page workbook that will help families in your community to "have the talk" with their loved ones.

This comprehensive workbook provides the tools families need to begin having the talk of a lifetime with their loved ones:

  • Tips for starting or continuing a conversation
  • Conversation starters on topics including childhood, adulthood, special moments and more
  • Note pages to document conversation details
  • Information about memorialization and how to honor loved ones

Help us get the word out!

  • Customize the workbook with your business' logo and order printed copies for distribution in your community at (username: famic; password: campaign)
  • Encourage consumers to download the guidebook from

About Have the Talk of a Lifetime

You've heard people say, "Mom didn't want us to make a fuss." Or, "Just put me in a box and bury me."

Each time someone says something like this, it impacts you, your business and your bottom line. It also points to a much bigger problem: People do not see value in taking time to remember and honor their loved ones at a funeral or memorial service. Death and grief have become something to be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Have the Talk of a Lifetime will help families understand that, while getting through grief is never easy, a funeral or memorial service that reflects the life of their loved one will help them heal.

Visit for more information about this historic consumer education and outreach campaign and how you can get involved. If you have questions about getting involved, call your NFDA member services representative at 800-228-6332. 

Learn More!

Earlier this year, NFDA Public Relations Manager Jessica Koth hosted a free NFDA webinar, "Inspiring Families to Have the Talk of a Lifetime: How to Make it Happen." If you missed this webinar, you can view a free recording of it. You will learn why it's important for your funeral home to get involved and how you can use the campaign tools in your community at little or no cost to you.

Share your stories!

Tell us how you are using the Have the Talk of a Lifetime campaign in your community. What has the response been? Do you know a family that benefitted from having the talk? Send an contact NFDA Vice President of Member Services Anna Bernfeld at 800-228-6332 with your story.