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2013 Federal and State OSHA Funeral Home Inspections

Posted: April 19, 2013

An OSHA statistics report shows that from January 1 through April 13, 2013, a total of 22 safety and health inspections were conducted by state and federal OSHA inspectors under Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC) 726, which covers funeral homes and crematories; most of the inspections appear to involve funeral homes. Seven of these inspections have resulted in the issuance of citations and penalties.

Twelve of these inspections were planned, which means that inspectors specifically targeted the funeral home. The other inspections were the result of: complaints, usually filed by an employee; follow-up inspections to ensure that previous issues that resulted in citations have been corrected; referral inspections from another governmental agency; and an accident inspection. There was also an inspection designated as "an Unprog. Rel.," which was not defined in the OSHA report.

This is a large number of funeral home inspections in a relatively short period of time. Clearly funeral service continues to be under scrutiny by federal and state OSHA authorities. NFDA offers a variety of resources to help you comply with OSHA regulations:

  • NFDA website
  • The free NFDA OSHA Hotline (800-633-2674) can assist with nearly all questions about compliance.
  • NFDA Webinar, May 23: Preparing to Comply with OSHA HazCom New Requirements
  • NFDA is also in the process of updating the publication, NFDA Guide To Selected OSHA Standards For Funeral Homes
  • NFDA members can call NFDA OSHA Counsel Edward M. Ranier with OSHA-related legal questions (410-967-1812).