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Scam Hits Funeral Directors by Email and Facebook

In the November 19 issue of the NFDA Bulletin, you learned about scammers that were, again, targeting funeral homes. Another scam, not specific to funeral homes, has hit a number of individuals by email and on Facebook (in particular via the chat and private message features).

In this scam, the perpetrators have hacked into the email or Facebook account of an individual with whom you are acquainted. Using your friend's identity, they reach out to you with a story about being on vacation in Europe, typically in London. They state that they were mugged and have lost all of their cash, credit cards, passports, cell phones, etc. They request that you wire money to them so that they can resolve the issue and get home as soon as possible.

If you are contacted with a similar request, ignore it. To be safe, you may wish to also change your password on your email and/or Facebook accounts so that you can minimize the chances of your account being hacked. Click here for tips on creating a secure password.

If you missed the article about scamers who are targeting funeral homes that appeared in the November 19 issue of the Bulletin, you can view it here.