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Eligibility Requirements


CPC: Associate CPC:

Eligible and permitted by state law to preplan funerals with the public and currently employed in the preplanning field. Must be minimum of 18 years of age.

Funeral directors: no employment minimum in preplanning field.

Non-funeral directors: verifiable 12-month minimum employment in preplanning field prior to date of application and currently employed in field.

Does not sell or offer to sell funerals to the public; directly involved in funeral preplanning/preneed as executive, owner, manager, director, trainer or support staff.

Verifiable 12-month minimum employment in the preplanning field prior to date of application for non-funeral directors. Must be minimum of 18 years of age.

All candidates for CPC certification must pledge to abide by the CPC Code of Ethics and Statement of Use, complete the entire CPC application and submit it, with fee, to NFDA for review. Certification is contingent upon successful completion of the CPC examination.

What Is Certification?

  • A voluntary process that recognizes qualified individuals for their advanced knowledge and skills.

NFDA CPC certification recognizes individuals who have met predetermined qualifications and demonstrated their knowledge through the CPC standards examination.

CPC certification is not designed to determine who is qualified or who shall engage in advance funeral planning, but rather to promote the integrity and professionalism of those who are eligible to sell or assist in the sale of preneed goods and services under applicable state laws.

CPC certification can be a valuable credentialing milestone because it demonstrates commitment to preplanning as a career choice. In relationship building with families, certification unmistakably adds value.

The Certifying Exam

Many continuing education programs award a certificate based solely on attendance; however, the NFDA CPC Program offers a highly valued credential because it requires candidates to demonstrate mastery of the knowledge covered in the CPC Standards Manual on a formal examination. The exam is multiple-choice, 75 questions, and successful candidates must score 72 percent or higher to be certified.

The CPC certifying examination has been designed by an independent national testing institute to meet the American Psychological Association's (APA) Standards for Professional and Psychological Testing (1985) and Principles for the Validation of Personnel Selection Procedures (1987). The U.S. Supreme Court endorsed the APA standards and principles in 1988. All examinations are independently scored by the testing institute.