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Organ and Tissue Matter Continues to Resonate with Public

Organ and Tissue Matter Continues to Resonate with Public

Although it can be hoped that the worst of the negative publicity is over, the matter of organ and tissue donation continues to be of intense interest to the public, and especially to potential donors and their families. As stressed in the February 22 edition of the NFDA Bulletin, NFDA members should only work with accredited tissue recovery agents or ones approved by the Food and Drug Administration. You can quickly determine if a recovery agent is accredited by visiting which will take you to the FDA's Human Cell and Tissue Establishment Registration page.

Given the recent scandal that hit headlines nationwide, NFDA and President Bob Biggins, CFSP, CPC, have prepared an opinion piece for distribution nationwide through the Knight-Ridder Newspapers Syndicate for hopeful pickup in editorial sections. NFDA members attending this week's Advocacy Summit in Washington , D.C. , have copies of this informational piece available as a hand-out for their Congressional representatives. You can view this opinion piece at

NFDA strongly supports organ and tissue donation, and in 1998 developed a “Best Practices” guideline regarding this issue in conjunction with the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (OPO).

NFDA's best practices document can be found at and legal guidelines at

Posted March 13, 2006