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New Legal Form: Infant Cremation Disclosure

Posted: June 8, 2012

NFDA has a comprehensive toolbox of more than 125 sample legal forms and documents to help you in virtually any circumstance you might encounter. They were developed by NFDA General Counsel Scott Gilligan and can easily be downloaded from the NFDA website at any time. The newest form is an infant cremation disclosure form.

This new form advises families that because the skeletal system of infants and very young children are not yet calcified, there may be little or no cremated remains returned to them.

You can download this and all sample legal forms and documents from the NFDA website (; login required) at any time and at no cost. You'll find other firms covering situations, such as:

  • Right of disposition
  • Authorization forms (embalming, cremation, disinterment, etc.)
  • Custody and transport of remains
  • Personal property instructions
  • Preneed
  • Funeral Rule
  • Employment forms
  • And more