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Statement of Use


  1. This CPC Statement of Use represents the official policy of the Certified Preplanning Consultant/CPC professional development and certification program of the National Funeral Directors Association (“NFDA”).
  2. In general, association certification programs promote professional standards, recognize individual practitioners, assist in promoting business, signify a degree of expertise to the public, and indicate that a bona fide examination of minimal qualifications, knowledge, and competency has occurred.
  3. Certification is not a license or credential to practice nor is it a requirement for practice, but rather a voluntary, individual recognition of achievement with potential career benefits. Successful completion of CPC certification requirements and conferral of the designation do not guarantee practitioner quality or competence.


  1. Possessing the CPC or Associate CPC certification signifies that the holder has demonstrated a level of proficiency in preplanning. It does not guarantee that a CPC will provide any particular level of performance to consumers generally. Any representation to that effect by the CPC or Associate CPC or by his or her employer or representative is improper and constitutes a violation of the CPC Statement of Use.
  2. No funeral firm or other business shall make a statement that the firm or company is CPC certified; only individuals can be certified. If the CPC or Associate CPC designation is used on letterhead, it must follow the name of the designee and may not be printed so as to make it appear that the firm is CPC certified.
  3. Individuals who fail to be recertified as CPCs or Associate CPCs will be notified by NFDA that they may no longer use the designation.



  1. The CPC logo and the acronym “CPC” (without punctuation) and the acronym “CPC” immediately preceded by the word “Associate” (capitalized) as “Associate CPC,” for individuals who are not allowed by state law to preplan funerals for the public, must be used in a proper manner using the correct configurations. Individuals holding the CPC certification and the Associate CPC certification are given a limited, non-exclusive, and revocable license to use the logo and acronym in accordance with this CPC Statement of Use.
  2. The logo and acronym CPC and the designation Associate CPC may only be used by an individual formally certified by NFDA as a Certified Preplanning Consultant (CPC) or an Associate Certified Preplanning Consultant (Associate CPC). The logo and designations may be used on the individual's business cards, in correspondence, on promotional materials, on letterhead, etc., if its use in these materials cannot in any way be construed as guarantees of performance or guarantees of excellence of performance.
  3. No CPC designation can be used by individuals who do not have CPC certification or by those who have not renewed their certification in accordance with the CPC Renewal Policy. Individuals who have not renewed will be informed they may no longer use the designation. Individuals who are Associate CPCs who do not renew their certification lose it irrevocably.


Inappropriate use of the above designations is a significant issue because it undermines the credibility of the program, may have legal implications, and is a justifiable concern for NFDA and individuals rightfully and appropriately holding the designation. Specific policies and actions are needed to protect the designation and reputation of those certified and NFDA.

Inappropriate use of a designation may result from previously certified individuals continuing to use the designation without being recertified, individuals using the designation who have never been certified, or certified individuals misusing or misrepresenting the designation to which they are entitled. Only individuals who are allowed by state law to preplan funerals for the public may use the stand-alone CPC designation.

In the event that a certificant moves to a state with laws that do not allow that individual to preplan funerals for the public, the certificant must immediately notify NFDA and cease and desist using the NFDA CPC designation in that jurisdiction.

If misuse of the designation or misrepresentation of the significance of the designation is alleged, the following steps will be followed by NFDA. Since allegations of misuse concern sensitive issues dealing with individuals and their careers, NFDA responses will be based on fairness, understanding, discretion, and objectivity.

  1. Complaints must be in writing, contain specific evidence, and must be factual and verified.
  2. Complaints shall go to the attention of the Director CPC Program Manager, National Funeral Directors Association, 13625 Bishop's Drive, Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005.
  3. All NFDA actions in the matter will be documented.
  4. The individual in question shall be contacted by telephone and informed about the correct use of the designation, referring to the complaint. Individuals shall be asked to refrain from inappropriate use.

Objectives of contacting the individual in question are to inform him or her of the appropriate use of the designation, to confirm the concern, and to request the individual to refrain from inappropriate use.