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Online Learning: Embalming

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1 Embalming Perspectives & Paradigms Challenged
This online course is an overview of the embalming process, offering various perspectives, skills, and techniques that have been gleaned from the author's personal experience in the profession, as well as from seminars, embalming articles, and texts, and from over ten years of working behind the scenes with embalmers on a variety of embalming problems. Many current challenges are discussed. Changing family expectations of higher embalming standards are addressed.
2 Embalming the Obese Case
It is estimated that three to four out of every ten bodies received for embalming are classifiably "obese." Therefore it is prudent for professional embalmers to continue to learn and improve specific techniques to manage the obese case.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to describe major issues connected with embalming the obese case and to apply embalming procedures and techniques devised for care of the obese case.