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Vietnam - Shipping Requirements


Transport of Human Remains

1. Certified copy of Death certificate

2. Burial/Transit Permit

3. Passport of decedent

4. Embalmer's affidavit

5. Letter of non-contagious disease from local health authority

6. Funeral home letter stating: 1) only remains are inside the casket 2) flight itinerary; 3) consignee's name, address, and telephone number;

7. Quarantine permit (available from the embassy) completed by family member of Vietnamese

8. Hermetically sealed casket

9. All wood outer shipping container

Transport of Cremated Remains

1. Application for a Permit for the Transportation of Human Ashes to Vietnam. Please complete all the items of the Application.

2. Permission from the People's Committee at sub-district level in Vietnam where ashes will be transported to. A family member in Vietnam should fill out the form, submit it to the local authorities for endorsement, and send it back to the US-based applicant for submission to the Embassy.

3. Photocopy of Death Certificate and the Certificate of Cremation.

4. Photocopy of Passport or Green Card of the late person.

5. Photocopy of the Permit for Transit of Human Ashes issued by the local (State/County) Department of Health.

6. Statement of No Infectious and Contagious Diseases for the human ashes issued by the local (County/State) Department of Health.

7. A self-addressed postage-paid return envelope. For the safety of your documents, please use only USPS Express Mail . Please do not use other mailing services.

8. Fee: Please pay by money order to the "Embassy of Vietnam."