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Russia - Shipping Requirements


Transport of Human Remains

1. Certified copies of Death certificate (2)

2. Burial/Transit Permit

3. Passport or birth certificate of decedent

4. Embalmer's affidavit

5. Letter of non-contagious disease from County Health Office on official stationary

6. Letter of preparation on funeral home letterhead with a statement that only the human remains are in the casket

7. Funeral home letter stating: 1) only remains are inside the casket 2) flight itinerary; 3) consignee's name, address, and telephone number;

8. Sealer Casket

9. Zinc lined shipping box

10. Consul inspection is required, Fee is $80.00 / $35.00 for ashes

11. Items must be translated into Russian

12. All documentation, including the translation, need a Notary signature, Authentication by County Clerk of Notary's signature and an Apostille

13. If the death was suicide, homicide or an accident; a police report (notarized and authenticated) is required with an Apostille