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NFDA Green Funeral Practices™ Certificate Program

Your Firm's Green Accomplishments and Vision Deserve Recognition!

What is NFDA's Green Funeral Practices™ Certificate Program?

Exclusive to qualifying NFDA members, this new award program recognizes exceptional NFDA funeral homes that have adopted and implemented ethical, sustainable green funeral and business practices in order to become more environmentally responsible to client families, employees, and their communities.

Why apply for the NFDA Green Funeral Practices Certificate?

  • Differentiate your firm in highly competitive times
  • Showcase your innovative, forward-thinking, and environmentally-friendly vision
  • Be the funeral home of choice for eco-conscious families
  • Create positive consumer reaction
  • Generate positive media exposure
  • Strengthen your community image
  • Green practices can bring in new families
  • Green business practices can reduce overhead
  • There is no downside to going green!

Eligibility Criteria   Each location must independently apply for a Certificate.

  • Commitment to terms of Green Funeral Practices Certificate Program including compliance with ethical standards and federal and state regulatory requirements
  • Firm must offer itemized green funeral goods and services and one or more green funeral packages on its GPL
  • Firm must offer one or more sustainable, biodegradable caskets as well as urns with no metal, plastics or harsh chemical finishes
  • Firm must offer one or more temporary preservation options such as refrigeration, dry ice, conventional ice or other non-formaldehyde chemical products for open casket viewing, as allowed by state law
  • Firm must provide NFDA with copies of all price lists
  • Employees must have received FTC Funeral Rule training within the last 18 months
  • At least 2 funeral home employees must have participated in educational programs related to green funeral and/or burial practices and/or green business practices within the last 18 months
  • Submission of Green Responsibility Plan minimally identifying current business practices for waste and energy use reduction, water conservation, recycling, and use of environmentally friendly products

How does my firm apply for the certificate?

  • If your firm already has green funeral and business practices in place, apply now. Your funeral home is a prime candidate to qualify for earning the NFDA Green Funeral Practices Certificate.
  • If your firm is interested in becoming a green funeral practices funeral home or just beginning to add green practices, click on NFDA Green Resources for in-depth resources, information, ideas, and how-to’s. 

International NFDA Green Funeral Practices™ Certificate Program

Call Holly Kleinke, international member services representative, at +1-262-789-1880 for details.

To learn more about joining other farsighted NFDA firms serving this emerging consumer market, contact your personal NFDA member services representative at 1-800-228-6332. The application process is simple and affordable. The NFDA Green Funeral Practices™ Certificate is renewable annually. Review the designation “Statement of Use.”