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XIII. Amended FTC/Funeral Rule Checklist

To assist NFDA members in compliance with the amended Funeral Rule, we have put together the following checklist which highlights the modifications made by the amended Funeral Rule.

  1. Contents of General Price List (GPL)
    • Modify the mandatory disclosure on choice of goods and services
    • Add overhead to nondeclinable service fee and eliminate any basic facilities charges
    • Eliminate cash advance disclosure
    • Modify nondeclinable basic service fee disclosure
    • Eliminate any charges for "Additional Services of Funeral Directors and Staff"
    • Modify embalming disclosure
    • Add memorial service as itemized offering
    • Add graveside service as itemized offering
    • Combine services and facilities/equipment charges for the visitation, funeral ceremony, memorial service and graveside service
    • Acknowledgement cards no longer must be separately itemized
    • Eliminate casket handling fee
    • Modify alternative container disclosure

  2. Contents of Outer Burial Container Price List
    • Modify mandatory disclosure on state and local law

  3. Contents of Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected
    • Modify legal requirements disclosure
    • Modify embalming approval disclosure
    • Add disclosure on marked-up cash advances

  4. Distribution of Price List and Price Information
    • Affirmative telephone disclosure deleted
    • Price lists must be physically distributed, not merely offered to consumers
    • GPL need not be distributed when asking permission to embalm during removal

  5. Embalming Requirements
    • In funerals involving a ceremony with the body present, embalming may be required even in cases where a sealed casket is purchased.

  6. Nondeclinable Services
    • Delete all basic and general facilities fees
    • Delete casket handling fee