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New Legal Form: Employee Distracted Driving Policy

May 3, 2014

As you read in the NFDA Bulletin last month, OSHA can, under the General Duty Clause, cite an employer who condones, allows, requires or ignores an employee texting while driving company vehicles. This directly applies to drivers of removal vehicles and processional vehicles driven by a funeral director's employees. Based upon the information from OSHA, NFDA General Counsel Scott Gilligan has updated association's sample Cell Phone/Personal Electronic Device Policy document and turned it into a sample Distracted Driving Policy that will offer better protection to members.

NFDA has a comprehensive toolbox of more than 125 sample legal and documents to help you in virtually any circumstance you might encounter in your funeral home. They were developed by Gilligan and can easily be downloaded from the NFDA website at any time.

You can download the new sample Distracted Driving Policy and all sample legal forms and documents from the NFDA website (; login required) at any time and at no cost.

You'll find other forms covering situations, such as:

  • Right of disposition
  • Authorization forms (embalming, cremation, disinterment, etc.)
  • Custody and transport of remains
  • Personal property instructions
  • Preneed
  • Funeral Rule
  • Employment forms
  • And more

Additional Information:

OSHA To Cite Employers For Failing to Have A Distracted Driving Policy (April 18, 2014)