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Beware of Scam Email Claiming to Contain Funeral Service Information

Posted: January 24, 2014

Updated: January 29, 2014, February 14, 2014

A new tasteless scam email is popping up in email inboxes across the country. According to an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the scam lifts the name and logo off of funeral home websites in hopes of getting recipients to click on a malware-infected link.

The email contains subject lines such as "funeral notification" or "passing of your friend," and appears to be an invitation to a funeral or memorial service for an unnamed friend or relative. Recipients are encouraged to click a link for more information.

Under no circumstances should recipients click the link; their computer will become infected with malware.

Please spread the word to your community about this scam, such as by sharing information on your funeral home's website or social media sites. You may even wish to encourage local media outlets to educate the public about this scam. Encourage people in your community to vist your website or contact your firm directly if they every have questions about scheduled funeral services.

More information can be found in the Cleveland Plain Dealer article.

Update: January 29, 2014

A scam email received by a member of the NFDA staff also included the name of a funeral home website provider at the bottom of the email. The perpetrators of this scam are doing all they can to make their emails seem legitimate.

Update: February 14, 2014

Fake Funeral Notice Can Be Deadly — For Your Computer
(from the Federal Trade Commission)

Scam artists are forever trying to trick people into clicking on links that will download malware to their computers. But the latest scam takes the tricks to a new low. Scammers are sending bogus emails with the subject line "funeral notification." The message appears to be from a legitimate funeral home, offers condolences, and invites you to click on a link for more information about the upcoming "celebration of your friend's life service." But instead of sending you to the funeral home's website, the link sends you to a foreign domain where the scammers download malware to your computer. Read more.