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Don’t Miss Us On Facebook

Have you "Liked" NFDA on Facebook? Facebook has changed the way posts from pages, such as NFDA's, show up on your news feed. If you "Like" NFDA and want to continue receiving news and information updates on Facebook, you must indicate that you want to receive notifications from NFDA.

To indicate that you want to see NFDA's posts in your News Feed, log into Facebook and navigate to the NFDA Facebook page (search for National Funeral Directors Association). Hover over the "Liked" button and select "Get Notifications." If you have an option to "Show in News Feed," select that as well.


If your funeral home has a Facebook page, you may wish to make this same recommendation to the people who "Like" your page.

For those of you who "Like" NFDA on Facebook - or follow NFDA on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ - thank you! If you're not following NFDA, consider doing so. It's a convenient way to stay up to date on the latest NFDA-related news and information and an easy way to connect with other funeral professionals.