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2015 NFDA Elections - Candidates for President-elect

Declared Candidates

Cozine_2013_smallW. Ashley Cozine
Broadway Mortuary
1147 S. Broadway
Wichita, KS 67211
Phone: 316-262-3435
Fax: 316-262-6167

State and National Experience

  • State Experience (Kansas Funeral Directors Association)
    • Past Member, Board of Directors, Kansas Funeral Directors Association
    • Kansas Funeral Director of the Year, 2009
    • Past President, Kansas Funeral Directors Association
    • President, Kansas Funeral Directors Association
    • President-Elect, Kansas Funeral Directors Association
    • Vice President, Kansas Funeral Directors Association
    • Secretary/Treasurer, Kansas Funeral Directors Association
    • District Director, Kansas Funeral Directors Association
    • Testified on behalf of KFDA at State Senate Committee legislative hearing
    • Served on the following KFDA committees: Convention, Legislative, Nominating, Young Professionals
    • KFDA PAC contributor
  • National Experience (NFDA)
    • Treasurer, NFDA Executive Board
    • Past Secretary, NFDA Executive Board
    • Past At-large Representative, NFDA Executive Board
    • Chair, NFDA Budget Committee
    • Member, NFDA Spokesperson Team
    • Member, NFDA House Operations Committee
    • Member, NFDA Advocacy Committee
    • Member, NFDA Governance Committee
    • Member, NFDA Professional Development Committee
    • Past Member, NFDA National-State Relations Work Group
    • Past Member, NFDA Audit Committee
    • Past Member, NFDA Pursuit of Excellence Committee
    • Past Member, NFDA Metal Recycling Work Group
    • Past Member, NFDA Cemetery Resources Work Group
    • Past Member, Federated Insurance Safety & Risk Management Advisory Group
    • Testified on behalf of NFDA at House Veterans Affairs' Subcommittee hearing
    • Past Member, NFDA Policy Board
    • Past Leader, NFDA Role of Policy Board Task Force
    • Past Member, NFDA Member Resources Advisory Group
    • Member, Heritage Club
    • Pursuit of Excellence Award (10-time recipient)
    • NFDA PAC contributor
    • NFDA Convention and Expo volunteer
    • Regular participant in advocacy, leadership and convention activities

Professional Background

  • Third-generation licensed funeral director in family-owned business
  • Licensed crematory operator
  • Licensed Kansas insurance agent
  • President of Broadway Mortuary
  • Co-founder of Kensington Gardens Cemetery and Crematory
  • Certified Funeral Service Practitioner
  • Certified Crematory Operator
  • Certified Preplanning Consultant
  • Lifetime Member and Ambassador of the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice
  • Supporter of Funeral Service Foundation
  • Active in the leadership of several civic and community groups
  • Received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Kansas
  • Received a Diploma in Social Studies and Political Theory from Oxford University
  • Received an M.B.A. from Friends University

Candidate's Statement

It has truly been a rewarding experience serving my state and national associations. I believe there is no better way to serve than to give back my time, talent and energy to that which I am committed to and passionate about. To that end, I seek to continue serving our profession as a candidate for the position of President-elect of the National Funeral Directors Association.

As a third generation funeral director, I was raised with an awareness and respect for the past traditions and accomplishments of our parents and grandparents. It is imperative that we not lose sight of the foundations and history of our profession. Today we face unprecedented challenges, trends and competition that were virtually unknown to previous generations. Understanding our present situation and being able to act decisively and lead strategically in an ever-evolving environment is crucial to our continued success. In addition, we must look forward with optimism, energy and creativity in order to ensure a relevant and prosperous tomorrow.

The future of our profession is dependent on determined leadership, working together at the state and national levels to chart a course of action that will continually raise the bar and anticipate the changing demands of its members and, most importantly, exceed the expectations of the families we serve.

I would consider it among the highest of privileges to serve you as President-elect of NFDA and to help lead our profession into a bright and promising future. I humbly ask you for your confidence and support.

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