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PBS Airs Documentary on End-of-Life Care

Facing Death, a new documentary on end-of-life healthcare choices — written, produced and directed by Miri Navasky and Karen O'Connor, the women behind the Emmy Award-winning FRONTLINE documentary The Undertaking — made its broadcast debut on November 23.

In Facing Death, FRONTLINE gained extraordinary access to The Mount Sinai Medical Center, one of New York's biggest hospitals, to examine the complicated reality of today's modern, medicalized death. Doctors and nurses struggle to guide families through the maze of end-of-life choices: whether to pull feeding and breathing tubes, when to perform expensive surgeries and therapies or to call for hospice. The film also offers an unusually intimate portrait of patients facing the prospect of dying in ways that they might never have wanted or imagined.

This documentary offers compelling insights into the difficult and emotional decisions some families have had to make before they come into your care as a funeral director. Visit the Facing Death website,, to find additional air dates and times, view supplementary videos and articles or view the entire documentary.