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Alert: FTC and OSHA Scams

Posted: September 6, 2013

In recent weeks, members have alerted NFDA to suspicious calls and emails from individuals and companies purporting to be affiliated with the FTC and OSHA.

Several members have reported receiving emails that appear to be from the FTC; the emails even have a "from" address of" The email informs the funeral home that it was the subject of a consumer complaint and instructed it to open a link to view the complaint and contact the FTC as soon as possible.

These emails are not from the FTC. If you click on the link, malware may be installed on your computer. The FTC reports that thousands of businesses have received similar e-mails. If you receive such an email, the FTC advises that you delete it immediately without opening it.

NFDA members that have questions should NFDA General Counsel Scott Gilligan at 513-871-6332.

You should also be aware that NFDA heard from a member who was contacted by a company, Federal Safety Compliance. The company purported to have an official connection to OSHA, but NFDA could find no such evidence. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, Federal Safety Compliance contacts businesses to sell an OSHA compliance kit. Even though no order is placed, a kit is sent along with a bill for nearly $270. This company has an "F" rating from the BBB.