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The Heritage Club


“Honor, commitment, dedication and prestige—just a few words which identify and elevate The Heritage Club members among the leaders in funeral service.” -Bruce A. Overton, CFSP

What is The Heritage Club and why should you become a member?

The Heritage Club is a charitable group dedicated to securing a positive and progressive future for the funeral service profession. While established in 1978 by past presidents of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) as an independent, tax-exempt educational foundation, they are not directly affiliated with NFDA.

The club does, however, share a common bond and heritage with those who owe their livelihood, success, and position in the community to a profession that they love. Membership in The Heritage Club is a way to give back to the funeral service profession and ensure its successful future.

How is The Heritage Club able to give to the funeral service profession?

Its independence, governing structure, and educational purpose allow up to 5 percent of the club's principal and all of its annual earnings to be used toward funding. Those assets are combined with the charitable gifts of our growing membership population allowing the club to generously provide for multiple projects. Below are just a few examples of projects which might not otherwise have received funding were it not for The Heritage Club:

  • Grant to assist in the development of the National WWII Memorial in Washington D.C.
  • Grant to develop the Howard Raether scholarship fund
  • Grant to develop a model baccalaureate degree curriculum in funeral service
  • Grant of $12,000 to the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice to computerize CEU (continuing education unit) records
  • Grant of $10,000 to catalog, microfiche and create electronic archives of materials in the NFDA Howard Raether Library. (Some documents date back to the 1500s)
  • Grant of more than $30,000 for production of specialized textbooks and analysis of needed revisions and expanded curricula in funeral service training
  • Grant of $10,000 for a special university study on the growing societal trend toward preneed funeral decisions and contracts
  • Additional grants to further the profession by helping funeral directors meet their increasingly challenging obligations in a rapidly changing business and societal environment.

How are assets controlled?

The operations and fiscal policies of The Heritage Club are controlled by seven trustees, none of whom may be current members of the NFDA Executive Board.

How do you become a member?

Membership into The Heritage Club is granted based on charitable gift. Specifically, it is an outright gift of $1,500 cash, payable in two installments over a 12-month period. Upon joining, you will receive a Heritage Club pin and a membership certificate to honor your special commitment to your profession. Members may also earn special status and recognition with an ongoing, annual gift commitment of $1,500 or more.

What Members Say

“The Heritage Club is one of funeral service's finest support organizations. It underwrites many research and resource programs and is a continued source of strength to funeral service and bereaved families everywhere.”
- Richard E. Myers, CFSP

“When I attended my first few NFDA conventions in the early 1980s, I was always impressed by the report given to the delegates by The Heritage Club. Not only did these men and women, who are so deeply committed to funeral practice and its future, give of their treasure, they also gave of their time and talent. I am very proud to be a member of The Heritage Club.”
- John J. Berg, CFSP

“The Heritage Club was established by funeral professionals who aspired to further the good name of funeral service. Their mission remains successful today through its continued support and growing membership. Any funeral professional who wants to make a difference and ensure a future for the profession would be proud to participate in the charitable efforts and student scholarship assistance given by The Heritage Club.”
- Michael J. Lensing, CFSP

Contact Information

The Heritage Club
13625 Bishop's Drive
Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005-6607