NFDA Teleconferences


Note: All times listed are Central Time.

State CE approval varies; some states do not approve for CE any distance learning courses or courses that are business-related. APFSP approves all NFDA courses. For details, click here.

1.    How do I participate in an NFDA Teleconference?

All you need is a telephone – although a speakerphone is recommended for the best sound quality and to allow other staff to listen to the event.

NFDA teleconferences are live educational sessions led by the business experts you want to hear from in funeral service. They offer the opportunity for you to ask questions during the event. A few teleconferences each year may be free informational offerings that do not confer CE. teleconferences are usually scheduled 1-2 p.m. U.S. Central Time or 1-3 p.m. U.S. Central Time (check your local time).

Emailed instructions include:

The first registrant has permission to make handout copies for the number of additional participants participating in one room.

On the day of the event simply follow instructions to join the speaker and your colleagues.

It is the individual participant's responsibility before registering for any NFDA course or event to verify that it is currently approved for CE in the state or states in which the individual is licensed.

2.    What happens during a teleconference?

Once you have dialed in and entered your passcode and other information in response to the operator's cues, you will be welcomed into the teleconference to listen via your phone.

To earn CE for participating, it is important to provide the operator with all requested information, which may include first registrant name, funeral home name or phone number you are dialing from.

Audience lines are muted during the presentation. For most live teleconferences, when the speaker invites audience questions, lines will be opened and you will be given simple instructions to participate. Some non-CE teleconferences are for informational purposes only.

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about NFDA Distance Learning.


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