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2015 NFDA Elections - Candidates for Secretary

Declared Candidates

SA-webScott B. Anthony
Anthony Funeral & Cremation Chapels
1031 Ridge Rd.
Webster, NY 14580
Phone: 585-872-6380
Fax: 585-872-3924

State and National Experience

  • NFDA Involvement:
    • NFDA Advocacy Committee 2013
    • Policy Board 2011-2013
    • Chairman, Funeral Service Foundation (FSF) 2009-2010
    • FSF Executive Committee 2008-2011
    • Pursuit of Excellence Committee 2005
    • Member Board of Trustees Funeral Service Foundation 2003-2011
    • At-Large Representative 2013-2015

I have been a member of NFDA for over 30 years through my funeral home. I became an officer of the New York State Funeral Directors Association in 2004 after serving on its board for six years. New York sends it officers to the three main NFDA meetings every year. My board experience in New York allowed me to grow in my understanding of association practice and procedures. I was asked to be the Policy Board representative after I completed my term as President on the New York Board.

I also had the privilege of serving on the Funeral Service Foundation Board of Trustees for 8 years. That board experience offered me the opportunity to work closely with NFDA members of the Executive Board who served as liaison to the Foundation board. The Foundation serves as the 401 C-3 charitable subsidiary of NFDA. The Executive Board of NFDA is charged with oversight of the Foundation. The Foundation Trustees make all the decisions for the foundation which include awarding grants and scholarships and voting in members of the Board of Trustees. The Foundation is well positioned through its endowment to have a direct impact on the future of funeral service by funding projects and programs and building meaningful relationships in the community.

My year as an At-Large Executive Board member has allowed me to understand the workings of NFDA which has a very large budget and many members to be focused on serving. NFDA is the leading and largest funeral service association with influence in funeral service in the US and in many different countries around the world. I have been pleased to work closely with my fellow board members and CEO Christine Pepper this past year deciding on issues important to funeral service and our members.

Professional Background

I joined our family funeral business in 1982 after spending 6 years in the sales profession after college. I graduated from The Citadel in Charleston, SC in 1974 with a degree in Business Administration. I graduated from Simmons School of Mortuary Science in Syracuse, NY in 1982.

The funeral profession has been a good fit for me. My sales experience taught me how to work with potential customers by offering them a product that would solve their problem. The sales experience with funeral customers has many similarities. My interest in serving families who have experienced a death aligns with my empathetic and sincere style. My strongest attribute is that I am a good listener.

Anthony Funeral Chapel, Inc. was started by my father in 1952. It was the fulfillment of his dream to have a funeral business. He and his brother operated the business together for 30 years. In 1982, I joined the business along with my cousin who had joined the firm several years earlier. The business was well established and in 1984 we purchased the business from my father and uncle. In the thirty years we have been operating the firm we have acquired two separate funeral businesses and more than doubled the number of families we serve which is between 400-500 families per year.

After several years operating the business, I started volunteering with our local funeral service association in Rochester. Then in the mid 90's I became involved with our state association. My activities with the state included the board and eventually becoming President in 2007. My most memorable accomplishment was tasking board members to serve on a Governance Committee to determine if a different model of board makeup would better serve the association. Our board had grown to over 50 board members with a large percentage of past presidents who were offered a board seat after their terms ended. It took another administration to complete the task but the end result trimmed the board leadership to 27 board members. It is my opinion and that of the other volunteer leaders that our board functions more efficiently with the changes.

Our funeral home continues to grow and serve the Rochester suburban area with a new generation poised to operate the business in the future.

Candidate's Statement

I sincerely care what happens to my profession. I value the many opportunities there are to learn through programs and networking with fellow NFDA members. My interest in serving as Secretary to NFDA is a continuation of my service to my profession in ways that will have a lasting impact. My journey in funeral service has allowed me to serve many families during one of the most difficult times in their lives. The service that I have strived to provide is above all compassionate and sensitive to the needs of each family. Through these families and services I have observed different rituals—some which contain meaningful and beautiful symbolism. The funeral or memorial can offer so much help to the bereaved. It is the most important time that a family can have to mourn the death and celebrate the life of their loved one. I am committed to help keep these traditions alive through education and the sharing of my expertise in helping families. NFDA brings all aspects of the profession together through its mission of being the worldwide source of expertise and professional resources for all facets of funeral service. I feel that with my compassion for the funeral ceremony and my experience with the association and foundation gives me a proven record for service to the funeral profession. Therefore, I am seeking the office of Secretary of NFDA.