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VI. Telephone Price Disclosures

  1. Amended Funeral Rule Modifications

    Under the original Funeral Rule, whenever an individual telephoned a funeral home and inquired about the "terms, conditions or prices" at which funeral goods or services were offered, the funeral director was obligated to inform the consumer that price information was available over the telephone. The amended Funeral Rule has eliminated this requirement. Therefore, funeral directors no longer have to volunteer to consumers that price information is available over the telephone.


  2. Response to Telephone Inquiries

    Although funeral directors no longer have to volunteer to the telephone caller that price information is available over the telephone, they are still required by the amended Funeral Rule to provide accurate information to all telephone inquiries regarding the funeral home's offerings or prices. Information contained on price lists or from other readily available sources must be supplied to consumers who inquire about it over the telephone. Moreover, the funeral director cannot insist upon caller identification as a condition to the disclosure of price information over the telephone. Although you are free to ask the caller's name, if the caller elects not to provide this information you are still obligated to provide the requested information.

If a funeral director or trained staff member is not available to provide the requested information, a message should be taken and the call should be promptly returned by the funeral director. Similarly, messages taken by answering machines or answering services should be promptly returned.