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Points of Contact: Military Funeral Honors Provided by the DOD

Posted: March 20, 2014

The Department of Defense (DOD) recently became aware of a private organization named "Final Honors" that is allegedly managed by Army National Guard Soldiers. This organization faxed letters to various funeral homes announcing their new website and stating that they are the area coordinator and one-stop shop for military funeral honors for all branches of service. The DOD is concerned that some may mistakenly believe that this non-profit organization is affiliated with the DOD. They wish to clarify the official points of contact for obtaining military funeral honors.

The DOD has a statutory obligation to provide military honors, upon request, with at least two Service members, one of which must be of the service in which the deceased veteran served. The DOD asks that funeral directors contact the official military funeral honors director in their area.

Local contacts can be found on a website maintained by the DOD,

To find your local contact person, click the "Funeral Directors' Information" link on the left side of the page. On the "Funeral Directors' Information" page, select the decedent's branch of service and your state; click "Submit."

Points of contact are organized by county. Your local military funeral honors director will determine eligibility for honors and, if there is missing documentation, he or she can offer assistance with verifying eligibility.

If you have issues, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate military service coordinator at the following numbers.

  • Army: 502-613-8218 or 502-613-8372
  • U.S. Marine Corps: 1-866-826-3628
  • Navy: 202-433-6892
  • Air Force: 800-531-5803
  • Coast Guard: 703-872-6647
  • DOD Military Funeral Honors Policy: 571-372-0870

The Department of Defense extends its thanks to members of the National Funeral Directors Association for ensuring that our nation's veterans receive their final tribute for their service to our country.