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Federal Trade Commission (FTC) FTC/Funeral Rule Compliance Summary

The promulgation of the amended Funeral Rule on January 11, 1994 has changed many elements of the Funeral Rule and funeral directors' responsibilities under that rule. NFDA has revised its FTC Funeral Rule Compliance Manual to address each of the changes made by the amended Funeral Rule which became effective July 19, 1994. We also have included new sample price lists in Chapter XI of the manual that show examples of how price lists may be constructed under the amended Funeral Rule.

  1. Content and Construction of the General Price List
  2. Content and Construction of Casket Price List
  3. Content and Construction of Outer Burial Container Price Lists
  4. Content and Construction of the Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected
  5. Distribution of Price Lists and Price Information
  6. Telephone Price Disclosures
  7. Misrepresentations
  8. Tying Arrangements
  9. Prior Permission to Embalm
  10. Retention of Price Documents
  11. Sample Funeral Price Documents
  12. Sample Policy Statements
  13. Amended Funeral Rule Checklist