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Be Wary of Financial Scams

Be Wary of Financial Scams

Posted November 2, 2005

By now, many people are all too familiar with Internet fraud schemes, emails promising vast sums of money if you will only help out someone, most often from a foreign country, in desperate need of help. The Iowa Funeral Directors Association recently was the target of another version of such a scam.

The Iowa Funeral Directors Association received a free Internet call from Nigeria similar to the type of communication one would receive from a hearing-impaired person. Information is relayed through a second party, who reads an email to you and then relays your response via email back to the caller.

Typically, the caller wants to purchase something from you, and pay with a credit card. He or she will attempt to use a card and if the card doesn’t work, try different numbers until one does.

Scams like these have become increasingly prevalent. Be cautious, and don’t let yourself become a victim of fraud.